Buckner and TBM sign memorandum of understanding

Buckner Children and Family Services and TBM announce the launch of a collaboration to better serve vulnerable children and families in Dallas, as well as around Texas and internationally.

TBM, commonly known as Texas Baptist Men, is unmatched in its ability to mobilize Christian volunteers to provide help, hope and healing in the forms of disaster relief, building projects and water purification worldwide, while Buckner has the means to provide more long-term aid and services, as well as a vast network of families around Texas and internationally who don’t have the financial means to recuperate their losses after a disaster.

“We look at this MOU as a way to play to our respected strengths in order to best achieve our core mission of serving the most vulnerable in society,” said Dr. Albert Reyes, CEO and president of Buckner International. “Whether it’s through disaster relief or proactive approaches to helping those in need, we are excited for the impact this collaboration will have on so many people.”

TBM and Buckner will work together in locations both provide services by including disaster relief, construction projects, water wells and filtration systems as well as importing humanitarian aid items internationally.

“This partnership has the potential to radically transform the lives of children and families around the world,” said Mickey Lenamon, TBM executive director/CEO. “God has uniquely equipped both organizations and brought them together now for maximum impact.”


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