Buckner delivers aid to Bachman Lake families affected by gas leaks

Buckner International delivered clothing, food and drinks yesterday for the hundreds of children and families affected by evacuations in the Bachman Lake area of Dallas in the wake of gas line issues.
A series of gas line issues in the area pushed Atmos energy to issue the evacuations as the company tries to resolve the problem. An explosion destroyed a home and killed a girl Feb. 23. Days before that, there was an explosion at another home and a fire at a third home.
As of yesterday, 300 people have evacuated their homes, and Atmos issued another round of evacuations this morning.
The Buckner Family Hope Center at Bachman Lake serves vulnerable children and families in the area through family coaching, classes for parents and after-school programs.
Buckner brought pallets of items to Foster Elementary, one of the schools the Family Hope Center has partnered with to help children and families.
“The families we minister to already are struggling financially,” said Family Hope Center Director Ricardo Brambila. “These evacuations add to their economic burdens. In the midst of this crisis, we want to continue to shine hope in their lives.”


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