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Buckner Family Hope Center helps single dad realize his dreams

In January 2019, Kenneth Horn (above, left) and his four children moved into New Hope Housing in Houston. They moved to Texas from Pomona, California, and while he knew the Buckner Family Hope Center was right across the street and could help, he was simply too traumatized and felt it was safer to keep his family inside the apartment. 

Six months later, Kenneth took a chance and crossed the street to further investigate the Family Hope Center. Though scary at the time, Kenneth is glad he ventured into the building. He only wished he did it sooner.

Today, Kenneth is an enthusiastic, active participant in the Family Hope Center. He is president of the Resident Advisory Council, a recent graduate of the nurturing parenting series and a participant in the men’s recovery group and the men’s group.

He also volunteers with child care during the GED classes and after-school program. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, he was working on plans to host some soccer clinics for the Buckner after-school kids. 

For Kenneth, the Buckner difference has been simple: Staff who genuinely care about his and his family's well-being. Homelessness comes with a ton of case managers, social workers and therapists, but he always felt they were people just doing a job. He never felt they truly cared about him. The people at Buckner are different. 

“I feel like y’all really do care,” he said. 

Because of the support Buckner has given him, Kenneth can dream again and believes he can achieve those dreams. He wants to go back to school in the fall and in the future, he wants to start his is own nonprofit organization, supporting vulnerable people to realize their own dreams.

“Everyone has something to offer," Kenneth said. "Even when they don’t believe they do.” 

No matter where Kenneth goes, he plans to always remain a part of the Buckner Family Hope Center community.

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