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Buckner Family Pathways helps area moms, receives grant

LUBBOCK, Texas — The Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation awarded a $15,000 Texas Fund Grant to My Father’s House, a Buckner Family Pathways program in Lubbock, Texas, for their work helping single-parent families.

In seven cities across Texas, Buckner International offers family transition programs, residential programs with services designed to strengthen families, enabling single parents to pursue education or vocational training and become self-sufficient. Locally, Buckner Family Pathways is known as My Father’s House Lubbock.

“They gave me a place to live with my kids when I had nowhere else to go,” Celestine Braker said. Braker, who works State Senator Charles Perry's local business, is finishing a social work degree at Texas Tech University. Upon graduation, she wants to help people in low-income households understand how to manage their finances.

“The worst thing about the poverty life cycle is the not knowing any better; you don’t think you can do any better,” Braker said. “Women in bad situations tend to do the same things over and over again—they’re afraid to step out.”

Sen. Perry will attend the check presentation tomorrow in support of the work of My Father’s House Lubbock.

"My Father's House recognized early on that it is relationships built on the example set by Christ that changes people's lives," Perry said. "I have personally witnessed this positive impact on a wonderful individual named Celeste Braker. Her desire to succeed and work hard while juggling life's issues is an inspiration for all and a testament to her character."

The Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation has supported the work of Buckner Pathways programming in Lubbock and Lufkin, Texas, for the last three years totaling $126,000.

My Father’s House received one of 16 grants awarded this year across the state by the Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation as part of the Texas Foundations Fund Program. Eligible grant applicants were nonprofit organizations and rural government entities. Specifically, grants were awarded for the construction, rehabilitation and/or critical repair of owner-occupied single family homes and for the provision of supportive services in multifamily housing

“The goals and objectives of the grant are to provide supportive housing services to single moms, focusing on higher education and self-sufficiency and alleviating homelessness in this population," Buckner Area Vice President of Operations Henry Jackson said. “Many mothers do not have other viable options to assist them with education, safe housing and spiritual guidance during difficult times of transition in their lives. Buckner offers such opportunities for those mothers who are looking for redemptive hope and transformation for themselves and their children.”

Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation is a non-profit organization created at the direction of the Texas Legislature in 1994 for the promotion of public health, safety and welfare through the provision of safe, decent and affordable housing for low-income Texans and other under served populations.


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