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Buckner feeding program gives hope to Estrella

About 22,000 children die each day from poverty, usually from the effects of malnutrition. One of the hardest-hit areas for hunger is Mexico.

Estrella is the oldest of four children living in a destitute community near the city landfill outside of Oaxaca, Mexico. Her mother struggles to feed and care for her children, a situation made even more desperate since Estrella’s father, the family’s breadwinner, died while attempting to provide for his family.

Following her husband’s death, Estrella’s mother experienced depression and the family experienced poverty and hunger. But the Buckner Zaachila Feeding Center and Community Transformation Center brought the family hope and much-needed food for the children.

Through the Buckner feeding programs in Oaxaca, Mexico City, Juarez and Arcelia, nutritious, life-sustaining meals are provided six days a week to children like Estrella. But feeding is only part of the story. We also combat long-term hunger by working with families to develop self sufficiency through economic development programs and education.

Estrella’s family is like so many others in Mexico: hard-working, but with few opportunities. That’s why our feeding programs are so critical to shining hope.

According to an August ABC News report, the average American worker spends $1,100 a year on a luxury item: coffee. But did you know you can feed a child for an entire year for only 15 percent of that?

It’s true. For only $166, you can feed a child for an entire year, which is a fraction of what Americans spend each year on coffee alone. Visit www.buckner.org/Give-Food/ to help feed a child in need.

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