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Buckner places record number of children into care

By John Hall

DALLAS – Buckner International placed a record number of children into loving homes in 2014.

Last year, Buckner placed 900 children in families, including a record 802 children in families through foster care. An additional 98 children were placed in homes through adoption.

The surge in care for children largely is due to an increase in the number of families who volunteered to serve as foster or adoptive parents. Their response to the need was particularly critical as the state continues to encourage placements near biological families, increasing the need for families across the state.

“The Buckner family is and always has been incredible, but in 2014 it went above and beyond,” said Samela Macon, senior director of foster care and adoption for Buckner Adoption and Maternity Services. “Children who have experienced abuse and neglect need caregivers who are willing to be patient with them as they work through grief, loss and feelings of hopelessness. Together, we were able to care like never before and bring redemptive transformation to the lives of the most vulnerable.”

The overwhelming majority of Buckner foster and adoptive parents come from churches, and that trend continued in 2014. Macon believes the surge in families caring for vulnerable children is part of God’s bigger activity in the world. Daily she sees people expressing their faith through a desire to serve people in need through Buckner.

“Buckner families and our foster care and adoption team are committed to impacting the lives of children, giving them the hope and sense of belonging they so desperately need,” she said. “We are change agents, compelled to make a difference in the lives of those who need us most, our children.”

For more information about foster care and adoption through Buckner, visit beafamily.com.

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