Buckner Retirement Services launches initiative to encourage safe family visits to residents in senior living communities

Buckner Retirement Services launched an initiative to encourage safe family visits to residents in Buckner senior living communities. Research is showing that ongoing isolation is having dramatic adverse effects on seniors living in senior living communities.

"Our knowledge and understanding of COVID-19 have greatly increased since the pandemic began back in February," said Charlie Wilson, senior vice president for Buckner Retirement Services. "While closing our communities in March was the correct response at the time, we believe that with the right restrictions in place, we can safely allow visits from family members to residents while properly mitigating risk."
Many health experts, including the six medical directors who serve Buckner senior living communities, are referring to this loneliness and isolation as a "second pandemic" that is afflicting seniors in senior living communities.

You can help by sending a letter to state elected officials encouraging them to allow reasonable and safe visits.

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