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Buckner Seeks Adoptive Families for Russian Boys

Analiz G. Schremmer
Buckner International

DALLAS – Buckner International is seeking adoptive families for eight Russian boys.

“Unfortunately, boys stay on the adoption waiting list longer than girls do,” said Cindy Davison, marketing director for Dillon International, affiliated with Buckner.

Davison said this disparity can be found with American parents adopting from any country, but it has been highlighted recently by the high number of Russian boys needing homes. With the changing landscape of international adoption, the need for families who are open to adopting older children and children with special needs will continue.

Garth and Tiffany Wilkins adopted their son Vlad, a 10-year-old Russian orphan, in 2006.

“When we found out about the need to adopt older kids, and especially boys, we decided we wanted to pursue older child adoption and let the Lord show us who He had planned for our family,” Tiffany said.

“I think about it like this: If I was drowning, I would hope someone would want to throw me a life preserver. Most of the boys that are not adopted will ‘drown.’ They will drown in a sea of insecurity that leads to sins of organized crime, alcoholism, drug abuse. Why would someone let them drown?”

Wilkins added that often times, boys are less likely to share their emotions and therefore can be more likely to turn to destructive coping mechanisms. She thinks families are hesitant to adopt boys for this reason.

“Vlad is a precious little boy who was hardened due to pain. We’ve seen him change his world view, soften his heart, learn to feel his pain. In time hopefully he will use it to reach others,” she said.

The Wilkins also adopted their daughter, 9-year-old Sasha, from Russia this year.

At age 17, Russian orphans have to leave the orphanage and frequently fall into alcohol, drugs, prostitution and crime. It is estimated that nearly 10 percent commit suicide within the first three years.

Help Buckner find homes for Russian orphans by telling friends and family and considering the possibility of bringing a child into your home.

Learn more about the adoption process here or call 1-866-236-7823.


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