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Buckner Southeast Texas receives $35,000 grant from The Edaren Foundation

Buckner Southeast Texas was recently named the recipient of a $35,000 grant from The Edaren Foundation to help cover a portion of Buckner's work in the community last year. The grant includes $10,000 towards 13 educational scholarships and $25,000 as a matching gift opportunity towards funding the Buckner Family Pathways program for single mothers.

Focused on funding nonprofits and initiatives in Texas, The Edaren Foundation supports three areas: education, arts and environment. Buckner Southeast Texas was previously awarded a grant totaling $27,859 from the foundation for its 2017 initiatives.

The 13 educational scholarships went to Buckner’s aftercare clients in Southeast Texas – young adults who have aged out of the foster care system and receive transitional support from Buckner. The aftercare scholarship recipients received services such as case management, life skills training, client assistance and counseling through Buckner’s transition and aftercare programs PAL, TRAIL and the FYi Center.

The State of Texas pays the tuition for any foster care alumni student attending a state school, while The Edaren Foundation scholarships helped pay for books, room and board or rent, school supplies, school fees or other educational aftercare needs.

The grant money supporting Buckner Family Pathways helped single parents strengthen their families and reduce barriers to self-sufficiency such as lack of education and life skills. Buckner Family Pathways protects single parents who may suffer from domestic abuse, financial uncertainty, homelessness and hopelessness by providing housing, access to child care assistance and a variety of other services aligning with the mission of Buckner.

“The Edaren Foundation continues to use its incredible resources to help lift up Buckner’s work with the most vulnerable children and families in Southeast Texas, and for that we are extremely thankful,” said Shawna Roy, senior executive director for Buckner Children and Family Services of Southeast Texas. “Buckner impacted hundreds of lives in the area for the better last year, and this grant helps ensure we can continue to do so.”

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