Buckner Urgently Seeks Volunteer Missionaries

By Analiz Schremmer

Time is running out for individuals to sign up to serve orphan and needy children in McAllen, Texas and China in two separate mission trips this August.

Trip participants will distribute Shoes for Orphan Souls to children in need and, although the shoes will be distributed regardless of the number of volunteers, their presence makes a huge difference to the children.

Susan Williams, Buckner Missions spokesperson, said that if more people don't sign up, the trip may have to be canceled.

“When we don't send missionaries, it takes away from the personal attention for the children,” Williams said. “Having shoes handed out by staff workers is so different from having all of these people come in and sit with children and put shoes on them individually. They could really use that one-on-one attention that they don’t always get.”

Williams added that one of the perks to traveling with Buckner is working with Buckner’s in-country directors, who are familiar with the area and the language. Our missionaries also travel with Buckner trip leaders who know how to take safety precautions and meet the basic needs of our mission volunteers.

The children need your attention. Visit our mission trip calendar and sign up to go on a trip this August.



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