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Celebrating adult adopted persons

November is National Adoption Month. During this month we typically focus on children who need the love and safety of a family through foster care or adoption. However, there is a population of people out there who don’t always get recognized or remembered.

Adult Adopted Persons

Adult adopted persons were adopted as children, either domestically or internationally, but have grown into adults and some may now be parents of their own children. Just because a child grows up doesn’t mean their memories or experience of being adopted is in the past. Being adopted stays with a person their entire life and impacts one’s identity, cultural connection, self-esteem and more. 

As we lead up to National Adoption Month, we want to provide some education and insight into what it’s like to be an adult adopted person. First, we want to honor all adult adopted persons. You are courageous, strong and inspire us to continue being a voice for children, but also for the adopted child’s ongoing needs, regardless of age or season of life. Second, we want to help others know the sensitivities and emotions involved for an adopted person. Children grow up and become adults and needs change with adulthood.  

Thank you to the adult adopted persons who’ve shared their perspectives for this month’s feature. This year has revealed a greater need for compassion, empathy and open-mindedness, and we hope these human needs are long remembered and practiced once the year has come and gone. Every adoption journey and personal story is unique and deeply personal. If you’re reading this, we hope you’ll enjoy the forthcoming inspiring stories and insight that can help everyone better understand what adoption is like for the adult adopted person. For parents of adopted children, we hope you will find relevant information that can help you best support your child as he or she navigates life, matures, and experiences times of growth and reflection.

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Debbie Wynne says:
Excited to see this!! Go Buckner! :-)
Lynelle says:
Wonderful that you’re encouraging people to listen to the voices of adoptees! Thankyou!
Liz Frame says:
Fifty-five years ago in July, I gained a baby brother from “Big Daddy Buckner,” our family’s nickname for the wonderful place where our baby came from! My brother has been a middle school teacher of History, and has connected with thousands of kids in all kinds of circumstances. He has been such a blessing to our family, and is a beloved husband, father, and uncle as well as son and brother. Thank you for being God’s agent in placing That Baby in this little girl’s home!
Daniel Weichel says:
I'm 61 now and I was adopted at 2mo old. I've come along way! I was the oldest of 4. But, the only adopted child from all my cousins and siblings. It hasn't been easy but I do recognize the blessings compared to where I could have been!

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