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Celebrating foster care parents

Highlighting some of the amazing families who have opened their hearts and homes to children in need in Texas

The goal with foster care is always reunification, but in the meantime, vulnerable children can find a safe, loving home within a foster family. Providing foster care can be a rollercoaster of emotions but at the end of the day, Buckner foster parents can agree it’s worth it to share love and hope with the children in their home.

Oftentimes, foster care parents go through challenges and the behind-the-scenes work of taking care of children. Today, we want to celebrate a few who have shined hope within their homes this year. 

In Dallas, we celebrate Dorothy Coward, a foster parent for almost a decade

Dorothy Coward has been a foster parent with Buckner for nine years and welcomed multiple children into her home. Even throughout her own challenging life events, she has maintained the highest standards and held herself accountable to make sure those children always knew how loved and wanted they were in her home.

Dorothy is an amazing advocate and strong support system for her foster children. Any child who enters Dorothy's home knows what family means and is treated just like any of her other grandchildren.

Dorothy's passion, Christ-like attitude, and servant spirit is why she is one of our foster parents of the year. Her faith and love for Christ is what gets Dorothy through and helps her cope when a child leaves her home while she waits to see how she is called to serve next.

In Longview, we celebrate the Applegate family for serving amidst challenges

Chad and Lyndsi Applegate were licensed to foster with Buckner in 2019. They had two children at home and space for four more. While they were open to a sibling group, they were thinking possibly a group of two or three children.

When a group of siblings needed a placement, the Applegates took in the four oldest. Within a day, the Applegates called saying they wanted thier little brother to be with his siblings. So, they took in all five siblings.

They had many ups and downs with the sibling group, including helping the oldest write a letter to the judge expressing her feelings about foster care. The biological family was challenging at times, but instead of cutting them out, the Applegates built a relationship.

The siblings were eventually reunified with their biological family and the Applegates continue to stay in touch – even babysitting them when the family needs some help.

Then, they took in another sibling group of four – including a little one lower than their intended age range.  

The Applegates have had some personal challenges this past year, including having their camper stolen and their house burglarized, but through all the obstacles, they smiled and made sure their kids were well cared for. The foster care placement they have now are heading toward adoption and the Applegates intend to be their forever family.

In Beaumont, we celebrate the Noack family for going the extra mile

Dwight and Tiffany were licensed through Buckner in 2016. They have fostered both basic and therapeutic children throughout the years and adopted their son in 2019. They are currently in the process of adopting a sibling group of two later this year. 

Dwight and Tiffany have always gone the extra mile for the children in their home. advocating for each child in their home. From taking children to specialist visits, providing care for children from hard places, and even taking a child who was positive with COVID-19 into their home, they don’t stray from a challenge. The Noacks have handled the enormous responsibility of being foster parents with grace.

Find out how you can help protect a vulnerable child by offering a safe and loving home.

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