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Christian radio: Carrying hope through the airwaves

Radio is where Buckner Shoes for Orphan Souls® all started, and it’s a partnership that continues to grow each year. Shoes for Orphan Souls began as a project of KCBI Radio in Dallas, Texas. Today, Buckner continues to work with radio partners to provide a unique opportunity for radio stations across the country to engage their listeners and broadcast a message of hope and redemption that is easy for listeners to identify with and connect to. 

“I have had the privilege of visiting personally with parents whose families have gone from desperate to completely transformed by the love of Jesus. And it all started when their child was lovingly fitted with a new pair of shoes,” said Sharon Geiger, assistant general manager/outreach director for KCBI Dallas. “Our partnership with Buckner Shoes for Orphan Souls has been a blessing for our listeners – giving them an opportunity to minister to people they may never meet by buying new pairs of shoes for children in need.” 

Whether it’s through collecting shoes in a radio-sponsored shoe drive or participating in short-term mission trips to deliver shoes to vulnerable children, radio has the capacity to bring together entire communities anxious to live out the gospel in a tangible way. 

“Through a simple gift of a pair of shoes, our generous listeners have opened the door for thousands of children to hear about the greatest gift of all – Jesus,” said Paul Martin, senior announcer for 88.9 Moody Radio Chattanooga. “Our listeners resonate with such a simple message with a profound eternal impact.” 

The impact is staggering. On average, Shoes for Orphan Souls collects 30,000 pairs of shoes annually from radio partner shoe drives. 

“The ability that Christian radio has to bring together entire communities – families, churches, civic organizations and businesses – for the sake of making an impact on the lives of children through this project is amazing,” said Shawn Spurrier, assistant director of Shoes for Orphan Souls. “Our ability to impact the lives of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of children and families throughout the world, can be directly traced back to the Buckner story being told by Christian radio. And for that, we are so grateful.” 

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