Creative church campout collects shoes for kids

A Sawyer, Kan., church gave their annual campout a new spin last fall with a shoe- and feet-themed weekend.

The theme came to Beth Fisher after reading a story in her local newspaper about a boy who held a shoe drive for his birthday. Fisher is a member of Old German Baptist Brethren Church and headed up the planning for the church’s 2012 campout.

“We had activities surrounding shoes and feet, and lessons about walking in the right direction instead of the wrong direction,” Fisher said. “And all weekend, we incorporated a children’s song called ‘A Sermon in Shoes.’”

A Sermon in Shoes
Do you know, Oh Christian, you’re a sermon in shoes?
Do you know, Oh Christian, you’re a sermon in shoes?
Jesus calls upon you, to spread the gospel news,
So walk it, and talk it.
Live it, and give it.
Teach it, and preach it.
Know it, and show it.
A Sermon in Shoes.

A shoe drive fit in perfectly with the theme, so Fisher researched organizations online and chose Buckner because of its faith-based approach. Together, the church collected more than 100 pairs of shoes and 80 pairs of socks for orphans and vulnerable children.

[caption id="attachment_5857" align="alignright" width="220" caption="Kids from Old German Baptist Brethren Church write notes to tuck inside the shoes that will go to kids in need."][/caption]

On Sunday afternoon, the last day of the campout, the children wrote notes to put inside the shoes and the adults gathered and prayed with shoes in their hands.

“The men in our group offered up prayers for the children who would receive the shoes,” Fisher said. “Our prayer is that they children will feel love through these shoes.”

Do you have a creative idea for a new spin on a shoe drive? Tell us about it in the comments!


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