CIOS Foundation to Help Fund Buckner Programs Texas-wide

By Lauren Hollon Sturdy
Buckner International

Christ is Our Salvation Foundation recently approved a grant proposal for $1.275 million to help support several Buckner ministries over the next three years.

The challenge grant will help fund Niños de Promesa in Tyler, new Community Transformation Centers in the Rio Grande Valley and Houston, and Family Place ministry start-ups in Houston and other cities.

CIOS has supported Buckner ministries for over a decade, beginning in 1999 with the Piper Family Fund for Christian Adoption, a loan program for families pursuing international adoption.

Since then, CIOS contributions have helped fund the Piper Cottage at the Rio Grande Children’s Home; expanded church and community ministries and after-school programs; and supported programs assisting other children’s ministries.

Paul Piper Sr. was the founder of Piper Industries which he started in 1937 with $17 from his parents. Piper Industries was a diversified and successful company with more than 1,000 employees. In 1952, Paul and Katy Piper established the C.I.O.S. (Christ Is Our Salvation) Foundation, and the foundation continues today under the capable leadership of Paul Piper, Jr. and his wife Shirley.

“CIOS is unique in that their contributions typically support start-up operations and program development, rather than capital projects,” said Buckner Foundation officer Neal Knighton. “One of their goals is to challenge ministry-minded donors to get out of the pew and get involved in day-to-day ministry operations.”

“We are so grateful for their generous gift and know it will be important in furthering the Buckner mission of making life better for orphans, vulnerable children and families,” he said.



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