City Credit Union employees help vulnerable children have merry Christmas

The employees at City Credit Union were full of Christmas cheer when they dropped off more than 125 toys at the Buckner Center for Humanitarian Aid this week as part of their annual toy drive on behalf of Buckner. 

Dressed in festive Christmas colors, the employees unloaded their cars and proudly shared their collection of toys that will brighten Christmas morning for vulnerable children in Dallas

The City Credit Union toy drive begins in November and the employees decorated festive Christmas-themed toy collection boxes for various drop off points for employees and members to donate toys or monetary gifts. In addition to their toy collection, City Credit Union also donated $792.59.

"It always puts us in the Christmas spirit," said Manuela Del Toro, people champion for City Credit Union. "It's the one collection everyone jumps on board for, and it's really cool to see the turn out. We love knowing that someone is going to have a Christmas and are going to receive something they may not have otherwise received." 

Thank you City Credit Union for your support and for so generously caring for the children and families Buckner serves! 


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