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City Credit Union invests in their own community

More and more, businesses are seeing the value in incorporating giving and volunteer opportunities into their employee programs. There are so many unique ways to align with a nonprofit that fits their corporate culture and passions and in January we’re highlighting a few of the companies that collaborate with Buckner in different, yet amazing ways to impact positive change in our communities. 

For City Credit Union investing in Buckner families with their employees’ financial expertise was a no-brainer. But the road to get there was paved with Buckner Shoes for Orphan Souls®

To celebrate their 75th anniversary, City Credit Union chose to select different nonprofits to support throughout the year. In March 2017, they selected Shoes for Orphan Souls – and not much later decided to participate in a back-to-school drive that August and a toy drive in December. 

With five locations around Dallas-Fort Worth, each branch jumped in with both feet to participate in the SOS drives. They have nearly 100% participation from employees through either shoes or gifts. 

Through this blossoming relationship, City Credit Union saw what they could offer – beyond shoes and gifts. Employees now teach financial literacy classes at the Family Hope Center at Wynnewood in Dallas. Through these classes, families have the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty.

City Credit Union enjoys that Buckner is not only in their community, but also that there’s a role for them to share their knowledge with those who need it. 

Thank you to City Credit Union for the many different ways you support and care for vulnerable children, families and senior adults.

Whether your company has expertise in finance, health or shoes, there is a place for you to get involved. Find out more information on how you and your employees can collaborate with Buckner.

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