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Congressman Marc Veasey visits Bachman Lake community

The visit included roundtable discussions and time with Family Hope Center clients

Toys and extra diapers aren’t normally associated with a congressional visit, but they were necessities for a half dozen women from the Bachman Lake neighborhood of Dallas. The women arrived at the Buckner Family Hope Center® at Bachman Lake with their children in tow for an opportunity to speak with the Congressman elected to represent them in the 33rd Congressional District, Marc Veasey.

U.S. Representative Veasey was invited to the Family Hope Center to learn more about how Buckner serves vulnerable children and families in his district. Earlier in the day, the congressman met with Buckner International President and CEO Albert Reyes and Buckner Children and Family Services President Henry Jackson who told him about the 145-year history of the nonprofit and its local and international ministries.

“We work so that children and families receiving our services can reach their God-given potential,” Jackson shared. “We help children and families achieve success through coaching, counseling and spiritual direction.”

Discussions with Congressman VeaseyFollowing a tour of the Family Hope Center which included explanations of the resources and classes available, Veasey sat down with the Bachman residents who came to meet him. Several staff members helped entertain the younger children in a nearby room.

During their conversation, the mothers expressed concern for their children’s education and safety in public spaces. They also helped educate the congressman about Buckner services, sharing how much they have been able to achieve after receiving coaching and mentorship at the Family Hope Center.

“It’s important for members of Congress to see firsthand how people and organizations work with families in the community and invest in future generations,” Veasey said. “I am glad to see families can find a source of support and encouragement here.

“We get many calls from families who need help. They are looking for someone who can give them a hand, and I am glad to know the Buckner Family Hope Center is a place where families can find that support.”

Staff and clients told the congressman about the programs and services that equip families with life skills, such as parenting and financial empowerment, counseling and spiritual enrichment. Teens at the Family Hope Center also learn about higher education and other educational opportunities.

The Bachman Lake area of Dallas is a community of 82,000 people and approximately 93% are Hispanic. Veasey learned how staff tailor programs to the needs of the Bachman Lake community Buckner serves. Near 90% of Buckner client interactions are in Spanish and the educational programs prepared for children consider how children are receiving education in English, while the language spoken at home is Spanish.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the congressman thanked the women for sharing their stories and opinions. “I’m really impressed by what I saw here,” said Veasey. “And I hope that parents are being helped and children are being enriched by these programs because that is what makes North Texas splendid.”

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