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Conroe computer company provides laptops for Buckner Family Pathways moms

Bruce Freeman often helps people put their computers back together. Whether someone walks in with a virus, malfunctioning software or some other computer malady, the president of Freeman Computer Services is there to help.

Now he’s using those same skills to help vulnerable single mothers in Conroe, Texas build new lives for themselves and their children.

Freeman, a member of First Baptist Church, has repaired and updated four laptops donated by Sunday School classes for women in the Buckner Family Pathways program, which provides housing so the single mothers can focus on their educational goals. He’s also removed viruses from several other computers belonging to women in the program.

And Freeman’s not stopping there. He’d like to provide a laptop for every mother who comes through the Buckner program. He sees how hard they’re working to improve themselves and support their families.

“As long as these women are working hard and going to school, I’ll help them any way I can,” he said.

Freeman’s work is critical to helping the mothers succeed in college. Because of the evolving nature of classes, computers have become vital to coursework. Without the laptops, the mothers would struggle in their classwork.

“The generosity of Freeman Computer Services means so much to the ladies we serve,” said Anna Rodriquez, program director of Family Pathways. “It helps the ladies advance in their education. Everything is on the Internet. You can’t just go to class and think that’s it. You have to go online to get your assignments. You have to go online for group discussions.”

The donation of laptops is particularly helpful. Single mothers juggle a large number of tasks each day such as taking care of their children and working in addition to their course loads. A laptop empowers them to study when they can.

“A laptop is mobile, so you can work where you need to be,” said Buckner Family Coach Carrie Johnson. “When you’re trying to go to school and raise your children, that’s really important. It gives you the flexibility a single parent to succeed.”

Freeman encourages individuals and groups to donate computers at Freeman Computer Services for Family Pathways. He and his team will update the computers where they can and put them to use improving the lives of women in need.

“Bring your laptop in, and we’ll take a look at it,” Freeman said. “We’ll see if we can get it up and going. If we can, then we’ll get it ready for these ladies. It’ll help them in school and help them provide for their families.”

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