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Dallas Foundation’s $25,000 Gift Goes the Distance for Families in Crisis

By Emily Underwood
Buckner International

(DALLAS, Texas) – If a penny goes a long way, then The Dallas Foundation’s $25,000 gift to Buckner’s Crisis Relief Center goes the distance.

Dallas Foundation is an avenue that donors use to give towards philanthropic organizations that benefit people in the Dallas community.

“It is funds like those given by the Dallas Foundation that relocate people and can provide a house, as well as hope, for the needy,” said Jackie Belt, director of the Crisis Relief Center in Southeast Dallas.

Belt states that he sees many faces walk through the doors of the relief center; he also sees the transformation of many of those lives. The Crisis Relief Center helps provide food, clothing, shoes, financial support, and also serves as a safe haven and a constant resource for the community.

Belt says that he could tell many stories of God’s provision in the lives of the 30,000 individuals that the Crisis Relief Center serves each year in Southeast Dallas.

“Covered in bandages and burns, a woman walked in whose house had burned down and had nothing left. She was in a daze and we reassured her that everything would be OK,” said Belt. “We were able to furnish her apartment and even give her money to have a proper burial for her recently deceased husband. We are truly grateful for the donation by Dallas Foundation, which allows us to serve in rewarding situations like these and do what God wants us to do.”

Dallas Foundation and Buckner have a long history of partnership as they both strive to serve the needs of low-income families and individuals in the community. Belt, who has been with Buckner 30 years, states that he has seen the contributions of the Dallas Foundation towards Buckner first hand.

“The Dallas Foundation has been very benevolent to Buckner in the past and we are so appreciative of their generous contributions throughout the years,” says Belt.

Dallas Foundation’s donation has helped Belt serve an increasing number of people who are currently in a difficult season financially. The Buckner Crisis Relief Center reaches 150-200 families a week, people who seemingly have no direction. Belt often encounters families and children who are sleeping in their car and have no home.

“The Dallas Foundation gave money from a new Safety Net Fund that is used in order to support non-profit organizations in their crucial areas of service,” said Jerilynn Armstrong, Buckner gift officer. “This particular $25,000 donation by the Dallas Foundation will make such an impact on the community as it keeps the doors open and keeps financial services available.”

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