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Daughter's future inspires mother to excel

Buckner Family Pathways® in Midland offers launching pad for Chalace Phillips

For Chalace Phillips, life hasn't always turned out how she planned. But she's always looked at each day as a chance to make things better.

Part of making things better includes serving as the executive director of Midland Teen Court after Phillips was inspired by her time with Buckner Family Pathways® in Midland, Texas. Teen Court is a nonprofit that creates opportunities for others in challenging situations.

A few years ago, Phillips was working as the resource director with the Midland Independent School District. She helped families find needed resources like food and household items, but she also guided them to programs aimed strengthening families and reducing barriers to self-sufficiency.

The Family Pathways program in Midland was one she often recommended. The program supports single parents care for their children and determine what's next for their future. With the help of affordable housing and child care, parents feel supported and empowered to break the cycle for future generations.

She realized the program wasn't just a good fit for the families she worked with but also for herself.

Read the rest of Chalace's story and how Buckner Family Pathways® created a foundation for her and her daughter to succeed.

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