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Dear Seniors, Thank you.

August 21 marks National Senior Citizens Day, a day to celebrate senior adults and the impact they’ve made. To honor seniors who enrich our lives daily with their wit and wisdom, staff across Buckner Senior Living shared their thoughts on the profound influence residents at Buckner have provided their communities.


You’re like an extension of my family. We are so blessed to be able to be part of your lives every day. We love you and get to serve you, but you bless us even more. Working with you makes me appreciate things in a different light. You were raised in a different time, and the way you view things is, for our generation, a reminder to slow down and appreciate the flowers and the birds and the rain. You teach us so much just by being who you are.

-Cori Tillery, Business Office Manager, Buckner Westminster Place

It is a privilege and a blessing to work with you. This is not just a job I have to go to everyday; it is your home where I am invited to be here with you.  I look forward to being with you and miss you when I am away for the weekend.  I think of you as family and feel thankful and know that you think of me as part of your extended family.  The connection I have with you provides me with a link to the past that adds richness and meaning to my life. You have a positive influence on me by being Christ-like, having a positive outlook, and by appreciating every day, one day at a time.

-Karen Freese, Independent Living Lead Receptionist, Buckner Parkway Place

Working at the front desk I get to visit with every resident that lives here. It is a privilege to help each and every one of you. I feel very blessed to work for you!

-Sheila Garcia, Receptionist, Buckner Villas

You always put a smile on my face every day. Some days I’m feeling down, but I’m glad to see you because you’re always going to make me smile.

-Tammy Brown, Housekeeper, Buckner Westminster Place

I want you to know I enjoy working with you. I love how kind and Christ-like you are. Thank you for always being so happy and sincere. Thank you for asking me how I’m doing and then stopping and waiting to hear how I’m really doing, not just asking as you walk by. You make my job enjoyable and fulfilled. I enjoy your love and examples of living life to the fullest no matter what your age is. There is so much knowledge within the walls of Parkway Place. I love soaking it all in.

-Rachel Ramirez, Wellness Director, Buckner Parkway Place

You teach me something new every day, from history to geography to technology. You are all mentors to me in some way, but the most important thing you all teach me is to be grateful for and make the most of every day. 

-Holly Jones, Wellness Director, Buckner Villas

I have always enjoyed being around older adults. You have a lot of wisdom and have accomplished so much in your lives. You are trustworthy, honest and good listeners. I hope that I can pass on your grace to my children. It is just an honor to get the privilege to work with so many interesting and inspiring senior adults. 

-Lacy Gressett, Assistant Director of Nurses, Baptist Retirement Community

Seven years ago I lost my husband, and my daughter lives in Arlington. So really all I have is you and my animals. You’re my family. You have shown me how to be grateful for what I’ve got and how to deal with different situations. You make me a better person, and being around you shows me how much you care.

-Kathy Cupit, Elder Attendant, Buckner Westminster Place

I would like you to know and understand that I really appreciate your presence and what you contribute to my life on a daily basis. Some of you feel like the grandfathers that I never had, because I never got to meet either of my grandfathers. Because of you, I have learned the true meaning of patience, dignity and learning that we all need help at times.

-Eva Escobedo, Dietary Supervisor, Baptist Retirement Community

Every aspect of my life has changed since I was directed to this senior living ministry.  I worked many years behind a desk in high rise office, but I knew I wanted more from my life and had gifts to share. I want the next generation to know that all seniors deserve to be respected, to have a clean and comfortable home. 

-Michael Cummings, Healthcare Administrator, Buckner Calder Woods

I love spending time with each of you and love to reminisce with you. I love to put a smile on your faces.

-Vivian Gonzalez, Resident Engagement Leader, Buckner Villas

I did not have grandparents in my life, so you give me an idea of what that feeling of family would be like. You’ve taught me that it’s all about attitude. I am grateful for those of you who served in the military to protect our freedom. I am grateful for the wisdom that you share in dealing with life’s challenges. And I am grateful for your honesty.

-Robert Morales, Senior Living Sales Director, Baptist Retirement Community

Being able to be a part of your lives has made me appreciate life more, especially knowing all you have endured and experienced during your lives. I meet seniors who have had all kinds of different jobs, such as school teachers, sales clerks, managers , bank workers etc. Listening to mothers share stories about raising their children has encouraged me to be a good person to my own family. Most of all, I love talking residents who love God and seeing that if it hadn’t been for the Lord on your side you would be here now. You are amazing.

-Shelia Faulk, Activity Director, Buckner Calder Woods

Caring for you has taught me to appreciate seniors, and it has shown me how to age gracefully and be thankful for each day.

-Miriam Foerster, Clinical Manager, Buckner Villas

Considering that I am 65, I value your opinions and wisdom. You have changed the way I think of growing old. I have seen a lot of courage, resiliency, and compassion in the people I have dealt with. You’ve taught me that no matter your age or health, you need to live each day as if it’s your last, and strive to help those around you.

-Darrell Lemons, Materials Management Director, Baptist Retirement Community

Despite physical and family struggles in your own lives, you inspire me with your faith, joy, courage and strength. I am blessed to work with you and daily you encourage me and enrich my life!

-Janet Burnett, Life Enrichment Coordinator, Buckner Villas




Karen Freese says:
What a privilege and a blessing to be part of Buckner. I enjoyed reading this blog so much. Thank you.

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