Did your favorite present change a life?

What is the best Christmas present you’ve ever received? Is it a bike when you were a child? A fancy piece of jewelry? Maybe it’s the latest piece of tech?

For a family in Villa Hermosa, Peru, it’s something much more basic – a shower. For the father, it’ll be the first one he’s taken without a bucket in 17 years.

By taking classes and volunteering at the local Buckner Family Hope Center, families gain knowledge and skills as well as work toward larger goals. Recently, six families – including the family mentioned above – completed enough of their goals for the materials for their first bathrooms.

Buckner provides all the materials and a building consultant to make sure the materials are installed correctly for the families and the community works together to bury the septic tank and run the plumbing.

Bathrooms are a significant step forward in a colonia where human waste commonly dots the sides and families take baths with buckets and sponges. Since 2016, 16 Buckner families in the area have received new bathrooms, which have been supplied with the help of generous donations.

By giving and serving through Buckner International, you are making this Christmas truly a Christmas to remember. Click here to change a life today. 


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