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Do Family Transition Programs really make a lasting difference?

Buckner Family Transition Programs are residential programs for single-parent families who are seeking education and self-sufficiency. Families live in an apartment or duplex on a Buckner campus and attend school full-time while also receiving services such as counseling, parenting education, budget training, mentorship and more.

These programs were designed to break the cycle of struggle and poverty that many single-parent families face… but do they work?

Brenda Dunn, program manager of Buckner Family Place in Lufkin, recently reported the following:

“We at the Lufkin Family Place looked at the number of former residents (18 people) who had children old enough to be in higher education. To our pleasant surprise, we discovered there are a total of 23 children who are of age to be in higher education. Of these 23, 21 children, or 91%, are enrolled in or have completed higher education!


“The Family Place program has indeed accomplished what it was established for: ending the cycle of poverty and abuse. Single parents are empowered through education, which in turn provides a path for them to secure a professional career.”

Check out the latest Family Transition Program stories below, and please take a moment to pray for the single parents who are currently in a Buckner Family Transition Program in seven locations across Texas.

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