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Do you have a friend or family member who is adopting or recently adopted?

Four ways to support an adoptive family

The way you support an adoptive family might look different than if they were welcoming a biological child into their family, but the need for support while they enter a new season of life is the same.

Here are four ways to support a family who is adopting a child. 

Provide emotional and prayer support 

When a family adopts a child, both the child’s life and the family’s life undergo significant changes. Not only is there a new child in the house to care for, but the parents, other children in the home and the newly adopted family member will all enter into a new season and the transition will provide many challenges.

Remember to pray for the whole family as they begin their journey together. Check-in with the family periodically via text or phone call to offer a listening ear and emotional support during this new season. While you might not be able to relate to their situation, you can always offer encouragement with a Bible verse or kind words.

Provide restaurant or food delivery gift cards

We’re all familiar with the tradition of delivering a meal to a family to support them after the birth of a child. Although an adoptive family didn’t give birth to a child, a meal can go a long way when the family is adjusting to their new life together.

While the family may be seeking privacy during the first few weeks or months after the adoption, sending them a virtual restaurant or food delivery gift card is a great way to show your support.

If the family has adopted a child of an ethnicity or culture different from their own, it can feel comforting to the adopted person to have a meal that reminds them of their birth family or culture. A gift card could allow the adopted child to enjoy their favorite food or restaurant. 

Educate yourself and others about trauma-informed care

All children who come from foster care have experienced some form of trauma. This may require them to be parented differently. Educating yourself and others on trauma-informed care and encouraging the adoptive parents on the way they choose to use trauma-informed practices is a great way to support the adoptive family.

Host a shower for the adoptive family

While we usually think of showers for babies, families adopting children of any age will have needs that friends or family members can support them with. Older children might need school supplies, bedding, clothing or toys. Gift cards are a great gift for families adopting multiple children or teenagers.

Check out this blog post with seven tips to host a shower for adoptive families.

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