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Elizabeth Toon Charities presents $10,000 to Buckner Family Hope Center at Wynnewood

DALLAS – Elizabeth Toon Charities presented $10,000 July 27 to the Buckner Family Hope Center at Wynnewood to support the ministry’s after-school program.

"We love that Buckner is supporting the community from within at the Buckner Family Hope Center at Wynnewood,” said Carolyn Cross, executive director of Elizabeth Toon Charities. “Giving the children a safe place to go after school and in the summer right there at home is so valuable, and we thank Buckner for all they are doing for the children and families at Wynnewood."

The Hope Center serves 34 students in its afterschool program, with a waiting list of students hoping to get in. The program addresses each child’s unique needs with love and compassion, creating a safe learning environment for children to grow in character and self-confidence.

Cheryl Williams, director of the Hope Center, is thankful for the generosity of Elizabeth Toon Charities. Because of the group’s contribution, students will improve their math and science skills, nurturing interest that already stirs in their minds.

“We want to bring in technology that will stimulate career development while they are young,” she said. “We want telescopes, old computers that can be refurbished and the list goes on. How great it would be to have a functional simulated lab for the children.”

The gift also will help transform the hearts of children.

“Thanks to Elizabeth Toon Charities, we can purchase therapeutic play and expressive arts materials, especially for the children who have experienced some family difficulty or traumatic experience,” Wiliams said. “To allow children to dream of a bright future is hope for little hearts.”

Elizabeth Toon Charities is a Christian nonprofit organization dedicated to serving children in need and their families throughout Texas. The organization was inspired by the faith, hope and love of Elizabeth Toon, who was killed in a hit-and-run accident at the age of 22.

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