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Faith Focus: A lamp for our feet

Trapped in an unhealthy relationship, LaCheryal Royal didn't know what to do. If she left, she didn't know where she and her two young boys would live. She didn't know how she could support the family.

All she knew is she had to do something.

Psalm 109:105 tells us God's "word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path." This morning, the verse gives us three principles to understand about God's guidance, all of which apply to LaCheryal's and our lives. 

First, God is guiding us. He is with us each day, each step of the journey. He wants what is best for us. Sometimes, we take this for granted, but it's important to remember. The God of the universe loves us. 

The second principle found in the verse is more difficult. God's guidance is a lamp for our feet. It often only illuminates the next step, not the entire journey. That was particularly true in LaCheryal's case, as it is for many of us facing difficult decisions today.

"I had been praying to God for a refuge to get out of my situation," LaCheryal said. "I didn't know what to do. I stepped out on faith."

Nearly out of money, she was accepted into the Buckner Family Pathways program in Midland. When Program Director Sindy Muro handed her a set of keys to a two-bedroom apartment, LaCheryal couldn't believe it. Then she discovered it was fully furnished. She was astonished.

The last principle is a simple reminder: God has a path for you. He's leading you to a better place.

For LaCheryal, her family's life has been transformed through Buckner Family Pathways. Counseling and support groups have helped her learn how to set boundaries with others. She's gained confidence as she completed her classwork for her elementary school teaching certification.

Now, the once "broken" woman has the brightest smile in every room. She's warm, caring and outgoing. She may not yet be in front of a classroom, but she's already putting her skills to use with her children, ages 2 and 4, with nightly lessons on reading and basic skills.

"She is our go-to person," Sindy said. "She helps us all the time. She's part of our resident council. She puts together our monthly newsletter. She's a role model for the other women. She's strong in her faith and that shows to the other women."

What step is God lighting for you to take this morning?


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