Faith Focus: A prayer for families

During National Adoption Month, it’s only appropriate to pray for families. Every week through Buckner foster care and adoption, children experience the love of family for the first time.

Specifically, we ask the Buckner family to:

• Offer a prayer of praise for these new families. Thank God for guiding the creation of these families.

• Ask God to empower these families to bond quickly and easily. Times of transition can be difficult. May those difficulties with new places, schools and friends be few and far between.

• Petition God to give parents and children patience and courage as they learn new roles and patterns of life.

• Ask God to empower grace, peace and hope to shine through each of these families.

• Pray the Lord will provide strength and encouragement to young people in the foster care system.

• Pray God will raise up families who will have the wisdom, love and compassion to care for children in need.

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