Faith Focus: As parents, we don't always have the words

At some point it happens to all of us. Despite all of our planning, thinking about things and rehearsing talking points, it still happens. We don’t know when or what will make it happen, but it most definitely happens to all parents.

There comes a moment when we simply don’t know what to say. 

Maybe it’s an infant who won’t sleep. Or a child scared the night before their first day of school. Or a son who thinks he’s dumb. Or a daughter who is being bullied. Whatever it is, whenever it is, there comes a point when every parent is at a loss for words. It even happens with Buckner foster parents.

They are trained by some of the best trainers in the world. They receive the best advice and warnings. They’re encouraged and supported.

And still it happens. Sometimes, even on the first night a child spends in a parent’s care. 

As we wrap up National Foster Care Month, will you pray for Buckner foster families this week? Pray they feel the Lord’s presence. May they feel his comforting and healing hand. Pray he strengthens parents and children alike.

Pray in those moments where words seem stuck in our throats that his message rings loudly. The creator of the universe loves children in foster care and their parents. They are close to his heart. He has a plan for them, and though it may be difficult to see at times, it is no less true.

Will you join me in praying for Buckner foster families this week?


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