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Faith Focus: It's your time

When Adonis Creed defeats Viktor Drago at the end of Creed 2, an important moment in the Rocky series happens in one of the quietest moments of the film. Amid all the celebration, including an emotional moment between Adonis and his wife, Bianca, Rocky simply touches Adonis’ glove and refuses to enter the ring.

“It’s your time,” he says. Then he backs away and takes a seat as Adonis is center stage.

The torch is passed on screen from Sylvester Stallone to Michael B. Jordan. The series is his now. In a social media video later, Stallone officially retired from the films. “All things come to pass,” Stallone said.

One of the challenges of Christianity also can be one of its greatest sources of joy – that of passing down the faith. In many ways, we are called to live out our callings while beginning to work our way out of the roles we enjoy.

At Buckner, this happens all the time. Staff members engage vulnerable families through Buckner Family Hope Centers. They lead classes for them. They equip them. They build them up. After a while, the families begin leading the classes. They begin volunteering to help others. They use their new skills to empower others.

That cycle empowers generational change that is passed. Instead of Buckner staff members changing the lives of a group of people, staff members are creating an army of life-changers who can transform their families and their communities. Buckner ministry is multiplied many times over.

Who are you pouring your life into? Who are you equipping with leadership skills? Who are you coaching to serve long after you? Who will carry the ministry well into the next generation?

And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others. – 2 Timothy 2:2

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