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Faith Focus: Prayer for birth mothers and fathers

Rachel was 27 years old, six months pregnant and scared. She was aware of the realities of raising a child on her own. Rachel knew she could love and emotionally support her child, but financially, she would not be able to.

“I started to realize I couldn’t do it on my own,” she said. “I didn’t have as much support as I wanted to do it on my own so I came to Buckner and explored the option of adoption.”

Rachel chose to make an open adoption plan with Buckner.

“Some people said I chose adoption because I thought parenting was too hard,” Rachel said. “But that wasn’t true. I did this because she deserved better. Through adoption, I gave her more than I could have given her.”

In honor of Rachel, birth mothers and fathers, we’re asking the Buckner family to lift them up in prayer this week. They are struggling with difficult decisions even after they made them.

Please pray:
· For wisdom. Deciding whether to parent is an extremely difficult, emotional decision. As God to give birth parents courage and clarity in their choices.
· For comfort. Pray that birth mothers feel God’s presence throughout their pregnancy. May they feel God’s love during this time and beyond.
· For provision. Many birth mothers are trying to provide for themselves and their children. It can be stressful as they try to stretch their resources. Ask God to meet the needs of birth mothers and their children.
· For their children. Pray that God will protect, provide and nurture each child. Let them know their birth parents love them deeply and is attempting to make the best decision for their child.
· For continued support. Rachel sensed a need for continued support after adoption. That led to a Buckner support group for birth mothers in her area. Pray that other birth mothers feel such strong support.
· For blessing. Ask God to bless birth parents richly.

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