Faith Focus: Prayer for families

Each day, Buckner serves families. The needs of each are as different as their situations. No matter why they come, they all are looking for hope for a better life. 

For these families, we ask the Buckner family to pray today. 

Please pray:

  • For strength. Many of the families who come to Buckner Family Hope Centers and Buckner Family Pathways are tired -- physically, emotionally and spiritually. The strain of poverty and other issues weighs heavily on their day-to-day lives. 
  • For wisdom. Pray that families and Buckner staff members know best how to change their situations. May God guide each conversation and step in transformation. 
  • For an openess to the gospel. A relationship with Christ changes everything, including how a people see themselves and the world around them. Christ gives people hope even during the most difficult times. 
  • For blessing. Pray that families are richly blessed by God.  



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