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Faith Focus: Rejoice in new beginnings

During the weekend, several more families moved into the Buckner Family Pathways in Longview, Texas. Today and tomorrow, three more will move in. In the matter of a few years, the ministry has moved from a dream to a prospect to a possibility to a reality. On Wednesday morning, every unit at the location will be filled with a single-parent family.

And we praise God for making it happen.

Looking back, we see his fingerprints throughout the process. We see him providing land, connecting Buckner to generous donors and then putting Buckner in the lives of vulnerable families. Along the way, we’ve saved the documents and taken photographs to help us remember God’s presence in the effort.

Now, the families who are moving in will do the same. All the work to this point simply sets the stage for family transformation. The realization of the ministry empowers single parents to make their dreams come true as well. They’ll take photos of their respective families throughout the process. They’ll create memories that will forever be etched on their hearts.

On the campus in East Texas, their lives will change forever. And they’ll want to remember the journey that began with this week’s new beginning.

When we came to Christ, we experienced a new beginning that radically changed our lives. We often document that with a new Bible when we were baptized. Maybe a church gave us a piece of paper that indicated we put our faith in Christ. Since then, we’ve experienced numerous faith markers that we want to remember fondly.

Many of us are starting something new in 2017 that we hope will change our lives. Maybe we’re trying to be more faithful in our regular reading of Scripture, more committed to sharing our faith or trying to make lifestyle changes to radically change our health. 

No matter what your new beginning is, are you documenting it so you can remember the steps? Let your memories remind you of how God is working in your life.

I will remember the deeds of the Lord;
    yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago. -Psalm 77:11

Deeper reflection:

  • What memories remind you of how God has worked in your life?
  • What are some different ways you can document God’s work in your life?

Next steps:

  • Take special care to write down the “God moments” in your life. Save them in a way you can look back on them easily.
  • Make a photo book that reminds of you of points you knew God was working in your life. Those moments can include your baptism, a special Bible study group or a mission trip.

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