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Faith Focus: Teach me to craft

Yesterday, my son was trying to teach me how to play Minecraft, the seemingly ubiquitous building video game. He’s played the game off and on for several years, read books on different strategies of playing and is quite good at the game. It allows him to construct the structures of his imagination.

It turns out it’s a game simple enough for any elementary student but still complicated enough where I didn’t understand it. My son helped me along the way by building various items and giving them to me so I could progress. Soon, I had built an impressive house, many items in my inventory and no practical knowledge of how to do anything in the game.

It reminded me of one of the reasons I love Buckner International: Buckner serves alongside vulnerable families. Our staff empowers parents with skills that will help them gain better employment and stronger relationships within their families. We partner with churches, organizations and individuals who can help families accomplish the goals they set for themselves.

That’s how families become self-sufficient. That approach builds families up. That approach helps families for years.

When we shine hope into the lives of others, I pray all of us do it in such a way that empowers the people we share with. That’s precisely the model Christ used with his disciples. He taught and rebuked them in order to empower them. He knew his time on earth was limited, but God’s mission is forever. The disciples would need to carry it forward. The disciples we make today must continue that mission.

“‘But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.’” –Acts 1:8

When my son changed his approach to teaching me, I began to enjoy the game. I learned what I needed to do to thrive in it. I know how to craft a pickaxe and a sword. I’m trying to find the material to make a fishing pole. Now, I can play the game on my own.

I pray those you serve this week can carry on as well.

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