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Faith Focus: Thank you, God, for the small things

Many times in this devotional series, we've talked about big actions people have taken to share the hope of Christ with others. We’ve chronicled volunteers who invest their time to help vulnerable families. We’ve shared about the caregiver who goes above and beyond. And the stories of children embracing forever families have warmed our hearts.

These people made life-changing decisions that change the lives of others. They put their needs second to help someone who needs assistance. It cost them their energy, time and, often, financial resources.

Not everything we do to shine hope has to be so dramatic. In fact, we can do it without many people noticing.

That's happening around our offices. It’s probably been happening for quite some time, but I recently became aware of it when it happened to me. I’m guessing it happened when I was traveling for a day recently.

A few days after I returned from the trip, I (finally) cleaned off the top of my desk. Beneath a pile of notes, sat hope in the form of a card.

On the front was a Bible verse. On the back was a five-word sentence – Prayers for a blessed day! – followed by a smiley face. There was no name on it. No expanation. No promise that another note would come. Simply the card.

That was enough for me in that moment. I’m not sure it changed my life. But it certainly changed my day. It made me pause and think about God’s blessings in my life. It challenged me to refocus my day with God at the heart of it. As a result, it impacted every decision I made from that point on.

I’m grateful for whoever wrote it. I’m grateful they followed God’s leading to put notes on people’s desks. And I’m grateful God still works through all of us – in small and large actions.

In the author's honor, let me leave you with the verse he or she left me. I pray it blesses you today.

Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him. –Psalm 34:8

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