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Faith Focus: The God who moves

This summer, I was able to sit down with foster parents Katie and Aaron Stephens in Midland and talk about their foster-to-adopt story. They shared how when they first started providing foster care, it was for the sole purpose of adopting and growing their family. Because of that, they only requested infants and toddlers. 

After five years, they fostered six children, but had never adopted. They were fostering two young children when they met Christopher, a 16-year-old foster child who was in a group home and desperately wanted a family.

A teenager was not in Katie and Aaron’s plan, but they could not stop thinking about Christopher, so they opened their home to him, and they knew instantly he was meant to be part of their forever family.

On June 5, Katie and Aaron adopted Christopher. He was their first adoption. Later they adopted Macy, one of the toddlers they were fostering when they first met Christopher.

“You just have to trust God that his plan greater than yours. He’s moving even when you don’t feel it.” Katie said. “It’s one of those things – had we stopped [fostering after our first placement returned to their biological parents], we would never have gotten our forever children. And all the other kids along the way.” 

When we seek God for direction, we may not get an immediate answer. Sometimes, it may even feel as though God isn’t listening or doesn’t care. But God is always moving and working behind the scenes, even when we don’t see it.

Waiting on God’s timing is something many of us experience. Daniel was seeking God’s help in interpreting a vision. Though he did not receive an immediate answer, Daniel continued to pray and fast for three weeks. Finally, the angel Gabriel did come to him and told him as soon as God heard his prayer, he dispatched Gabriel to Daniel, but he was delayed by forces of evil (Daniel 10:12-14).

We only see one small piece of the puzzle, but God sees the whole picture. This week, take comfort in knowing God is in control and working for your good, even when it looks like things are staying the same. Don’t lose hope for he is the God who moves.

“Before they call I will answer; while they are yet speaking I will hear.” – Isaiah 65:24

Written by Aimee Freston, associate director of digital communications for Buckner Communications, as part of a special Faith Focus series focusing on who God is and what he does for his people.

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