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Faith Focus: 'Twas the night before school begins

Shannon* first met Tim* during the second semester of first grade. It was the first time Tim had ever gone to school, and Shannon was trying to help him catch up. As she got to know Tim, she saw his potential. He was bright and eager to learn.

But his home life was holding him back. In four years, Tim missed more than 220 days of school. It got so difficult that one of Shannon’s fellow teachers took him in. After living with the teacher for a while, Tim went to live with Shannon and her husband John*.

Tim quickly thrived. In a few short months, Tim started making As and Bs. This month, he’s excited about going back to school.

Students across the state are headed back to school, and teachers and staff are waiting for them. Many times, school leaders are the frontlines of helping children struggling in difficult situations. They pull out of their own resources to help these children and often invite other people, groups and churches to help families.

This week, let’s pray for children, staff and families as school begins again. Pray:

  • Students will return healthy, strong and ready to learn.
  • Students are able to focus well on their schoolwork.
  • Students find a way to express any needs they may have in a safe environment.
  • Teachers and staff will have the energy and wisdom required to guide young people.
  • Families will come together to encourage their children academically.
  • Families will have the resources needed for children to succeed.
  • Schools are blessed richly throughout this academic year.

*Names changed to protect the identity of the child.

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