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Faith Focus: What's your story?

Last week, representatives from Subway stores across East Texas presented a check for more than $8,000 to Buckner Shoes for Orphan Souls® to shine hope into the lives of children around the world through pairs of new shoes.

Half of the amount was given dollar by dollar by people who ate at Subway last August. Those funds were doubled by a Subway franchisee in Longview, Texas in honor of a tenured employee who is an alumna of the Buckner Childrens Home.

"Working for a company, like Subway, that gives back to my community is very important to me," Julie Luciani-Gain said. "Leading my Subway team to raise money for Buckner Shoes for Orphan Souls was special not only because of the benefits that will be provided to children around the world but also because Buckner was there for me in my time of need. I myself was a resident at Buckner Childrens Home in Dallas and it warms my heart to be able to play a part in helping out children today through this amazing program."

Each of us has a life story. Some of us may not think ours is dramatic or maybe even important enough to share. But it’s important no matter what it is.

God honors and blesses our willingness to share our story with others because our stories reflect his nature. By telling others about ourselves, we are sharing how God has worked in our lives.

It is my pleasure to tell you about the miraculous signs and wonders that the most high God has performed for me. –Daniel 4:2

Because Julie was open about her past, others were compelled to action. They raised money, and children will have hope.

Who will have hope because you shared your story this week?

Deeper reflection:

  • ​What is your life story? What role does God play in that story?

Next steps:

  • Share part of your life story with someone this week.

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