Faith Focus: Will you reach out?

It’s never easy going into a new situation. Perhaps no one knows that better than children in the foster care system. They’re suddenly removed from their homes and thrust into the overwhelming unknown – an unknown family in an unknown location for an unknown amount of time.

Maybe that’s why they’re so sensitive to others walking into new environments.

I recently had the pleasure of visiting with a Buckner faithful foster family who has cared for many children. They were warm and friendly, caring and compassionate. Still, one of the children knew I was new.

He reached out and put his little hand in the palm of mine as if to say, “It’s OK. You’re safe here. You’re loved here.” He led me around the house showing me everyone’s room, telling me about favorite toys and who else lived there. He made sure I knew I was wanted.

When’s the last time you reached out to someone with such compassion? In nearly every situation where you’re comfortable, it’s likely there’s someone who isn’t. Are you looking for them?

Christ continually ministered to those who were “uncomfortable” on the outskirts of society – the tax collector, the prostitute, the poor. He welcomed them with open arms. He showed them there is a place for them in God’s kingdom.

Maybe you won’t encounter such people this week, but chances are there’s someone new in your work, your neighborhood or your school. Will you reach out to them like Christ would?

A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a time of adversity. –Proverbs 17:17


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