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Families participate in traditional Latin American Christmas celebration

Park Cities Baptist Church Español and the Buckner Family Hope Center™ bring a Posada to Bachman Lake 

Two-hundred Bachman Lake families were treated to Christmas cheer by Park Cities Baptist Church Español and the Buckner Family Hope Center™ at Bachman Lake. Families gathered for a Posada, where they enjoyed a warm meal, music, raffle tickets (prizes included bikes, toys and kitchen ware), a clown and listening to a gospel message. Additionally, each guest was gifted a coat and a blanket.  
A Posada, meaning “lodging,” is a Latin American celebration done in the weeks leading up to Christmas. It commemorates the biblical story of Mary and Joseph’s search for lodging in Bethlehem. Participants go from home-to-home reading Scripture and singing Christmas carols. Each home turns them away until they reach the last one, where they are invited in for a party.  
“Bachman Lake has a large population of Hispanics … What an opportunity we have to connect with the community using cultural traditions that they have, such as a Posada,” said Dr. Rolando Aguirre, associate pastor of teaching and Spanish language ministries at PCBC.  
Buckner has enjoyed a fruitful relationship with PCBC for many years. They have donated items like shoes and food, participated in disaster relief projects and more. PCBC’s Spanish congregation, PCBC Español, desires to serve the community of Bachman Lake through the Family Hope Center. 
Aguirre believes the area of Bachman Lake has been spiritually underserved. Because of this, along with the large Hispanic population and the proximity to PCBC, Bachman Lake is a priority for PCBC Español.

“Some of our members in the past came when the building was under construction, and they prayed … They were envisioning in the future to minister,” Aguirre said, “We are expectant to see what the Lord will be doing in the future for this community through our collaboration with the Buckner Family Hope Center.”  
PCBC ministry to Bachman Lake has already begun. PCBC Español has been leading a Bible study at the Family Hope Center and will soon begin a church service there too. Aguirre stated that a partnership with the Family Hope Center will help the community not only physically, but spiritually too.

“I think this is a wholistic approach to the gospel,” Aguirre said, “that Jesus came not only to feed the people and supply their needs, but also to provide spiritual development and empower them to find their purpose.” 
Ken Murphy, senior director of church engagement for Buckner International, said it is important for churches to get involved with the work of Buckner and for Buckner to get involved in the work of the church.

“Every church wants to mobilize their members to meaningful ministry service and volunteerism. We need those volunteers to connect with families that may otherwise not have that representation of what the love of Christ would look like,” Murphy said, “When Buckner and the local church come alongside one other, it really does strengthen families, provides hope and extends the true light and life of Christ to them.”

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