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Family Hope Centers: Strengthening the whole family

The main goal of the Buckner Family Hope Center model is to strengthen families by moving them away from crisis situations toward a path of self-sufficiency. Here, we talked to Maria Luisa in the Rio Grande Valley about her experience working with the Family Hope Center and how it has changed every person in her family.

Her husband: “Before the Fatherhood 24/7 initiative, he wasn’t that loveable. Now that he’s taken this class, he says, ‘Honey I love you a lot more.’ He’s a better father and husband. My older son used to think Carolina was my husband’s favorite. Now that he has taken this class, he has a better more equal love for all his kids. And he’ll ask me ‘Honey, you need help? Should I care for the baby too?’ It’s much better now.”

Her children: “My older son is less stressed and is more social. It also makes me happy that my daughter comes with me every day. I’m proud of them.”

Herself: “I was disappointed with life and depressed before coming to Buckner. I didn’t really talk with my husband. I couldn’t live that way anymore. I had a lot of sadness. Buckner prayed for me to be helpful to other people and to start a cleaning service and take care of my family. I also had a lot of classes. Now my mind is busy on other things.”

From her daughter, Carolina: “I’ve helped with the kids and I’ve learned a lot in the youth class. I also help my mom sometimes. I like that Buckner helped make my mom happier. I also like that in the youth class they show not to leave school early because that’s not good for your future. My brother has been more sociable. He’s been talking to more people and I’m really happy. My father also loves my brothers more and he’s treating us equally now.”

To learn how you can invest in the lives of fragile families, visit our Volunteer Central to find opportunities.

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