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Lives Changed at Family Place Conroe

Victoria was a new mother desperately needing to escape an abusive situation. She came to Buckner Family Place and saw God’s love in action...

After almost a decade of praying, planning and redesigning the model, Family Place Conroe has been “up and running” for 10 months now.

In that short span of time, the gifts of Buckner friends have enabled this ministry to make a truly life-changing difference for single mothers and their children—hurting, desperate people like Victoria and her 1-year-old son, Daniel.

A Life of Horror

Victoria’s life had been a tale of unending horror long before she became one of the first mothers to enroll at the Family Place in Conroe. She was raised in poverty and abuse and left home at an early age. Sadly, she turned to alcohol, drugs, and a promiscuous lifestyle until she found herself unmarried and pregnant.

Victoria knew the drugs and alcohol had to stop for the sake of her child. But after Daniel was born, Victoria’s boyfriend continued abusing substances, not working and becoming more and more physically violent. Victoria sought refuge at the Women’s Shelter, where she first learned about Family Place. She applied and was accepted.

‘Tell Me about Jesus’

When Victoria arrived at Family Place, she was honest with the staff about the fact that she had no “religious” life. But within a short time, she came into the office of director Brenda Shuttlesworth with a burning question. With tears welling in her eyes, Victoria said she wanted to know more about Jesus.

She said she had been watching the staff and noticed they were “different.” Victoria also said she realized that the difference was their Christian faith—their love for God and others—and that she now believed God was real.

Victoria continues to ask deep questions about God, Jesus and living the Christian life. She devours Scripture every week and comes with her first Bible highlighted and questions written. She had read Matthew 25 and understood how important it is to serve “the least of these,” as Jesus said.

Victoria and Daniel continue living at Family Place Conroe as she pursues her dream of being a teacher of special-needs children. Life change like this is what Buckner is all about—and donor support helps make it happen! Please continue to pray and give to help restore broken lives.

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