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Family Place Midland Helps Single Mom Succeed

Last December, Christina received her degree from the University of Texas of the Permian Basin—as an honor graduate, no less!

Christina’s story is special, in part because the prayers and generous support of Buckner donors and friends have helped her overcome some large obstacles.

From Despair to Hope

In a way, it was Christina’s second graduation. That’s because she also “graduated” from the program at Family Place Midland—another ministry where despair is being turned into hope.

Christina would be the first to say she had some hard bumps on the way to her college degree. Trying to make it alone as a single mother, she was working 70–80 hours a week at a low salary. She never got to see her son, who was sleeping when she got home at night and when she left the next morning.

But Christina had no idea where to start trying to improve her life. That’s when she learned about Family Place Midland. She was accepted and given the support and encouragement she needed as she worked, went to school, and raised her son.

Deep Gratitude

"After acceptance to Buckner Family Place, I began to meet all of these wonderful people, people who cared for us as family," she said. "I realized quickly how lucky I was as a single mom to be able to concentrate on my education and not worry about where my child would lay his head down at night."

Today, Christina is self-sufficient. She has found a full-time job, is eager to provide for her family and is profoundly grateful for those who support the Buckner programs that helped her turn her life around.

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