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Buckner Rescues a Family from the Streets

Buckner International

Leaving a 19-year-old alone to fend for himself and his four younger brothers on the streets of Mexico City sounds like a recipe for disaster. That’s where Fortunato Hernandez Bosilio was heading until Buckner became a part of his life.

Fortunato’s family unraveled after his mother died of cancer. The boys’ father would give them some money and then leave. “We’d run out of food and money,” Fortunato remembers. “I didn’t know what to do.”

A Place to Call Home

But when things looked their darkest, Fortunato and his brothers came to live at Buckner’s Pan de Vida (“Bread of Life”) group home on the outskirts of Mexico City. Fortunato’s pastor at the Iglesia Bautista Fuente de Agua Viva church is also a houseparent at Pan de Vida, which Buckner opened in August 2009 in partnership with the church.

Fortunato has blossomed in amazing ways since coming to Pan de Vida. He and his brothers are attending school regularly and learning fast. He’s studying computers, and the staff at Pan de Vida is helping his two youngest brothers, ages 5 and 6, catch up with their peers by learning their colors and vowels.

‘It’s a Different Life Here’

All the boys are thriving under the loving care they receive. As Fortunato says with a smile, “It’s a different life here.”

That’s a perfect description of what Pan de Vida is making possible for its 15 children who have come from environments of abuse and neglect. Its program of spiritual, physical, education and emotional nurture is provided by the live-in staff or houseparents—commited men and women who are pouring their lives into these children.

The children attend a local school and church services on Sunday, and they are learning many life-related skills. Fortunato dreams of being a computer scientist someday.

Our team at Pan de Vida is committed to helping Fortunato and the other children realize their God-given potential. It’s exciting to hear them talk of what they’re learning—and most importantly, of their love and faith in God.

Pan de Vida face ongoing costs for which we depend on the generous gifts of friends like you. Your contribution to Buckner will truly be a gift of life to needy children like Fortunato.


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