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Fatherhood EFFECT Summit challenges dads and families

Moms, dads and families learn about communication skills and more

Last month, 70 parents attended the second annual Fatherhood EFFECT Summit in Beaumont. More than 20 dads attended to learn more about communication and co-parenting. Fatherhood EFFECT is a program that empowers and educates dads to support them in engaging with their children and strengthen their families.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 18.4 million children live without a father figure in their home. Research has shown children with involved dads have greater success in school, are less likely to do drugs and have fewer behavioral problems. 

The summit featured guest speakers, door prizes and more. One session focused on communication skills and engaged the attendees in the conversation. Another session offered information on co-parenting, including engaging activities and a powerful open time for questions. Interactive center pieces at tables reflected the tools needed for communication: keys of communication, 15-minute sand timer, conversation sticks and flat stones to write down areas of communication they could improve.

“There were dads in attendance from a local rehabilitation facility that were a little unsure about being there,” shared Jada Kamp, fatherhood support coordinator for Fatherhood EFFECT in Beaumont. “But the speakers were great and helped the dads engage in the summit.”

A 6-year-old son attended with his dad and experienced so much joy when their number was draw for a door prize. He exclaimed, “I knew it – I knew we would win!” 

“The summit is a great opportunity to deliver needed information to dads so they can fulfill their role as a father and bring awareness to the importance that dads are to their children and family as a whole,” Kamp said. “It’s also a great way to have resources from the area to deliver needed resources and awareness of what is available for clients in our area.”

The Fatherhood EFFECT Summit offered great and relevant information as well as interactive times for both dads and kids. 

See how Fatherhood EFFECT is shining hope to families in Jefferson County.

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