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FC Dallas, Toyota gives free Chick-fil-A lunch to Buckner essential employees

On May 7, Buckner’s frontline essential employees, who help care for vulnerable children, received free Chick-fil-A lunches from FC Dallas and Toyota. Ten foster care and adoption staff were recognized for their ongoing service to children in the Texas welfare system.

These staff members consistently provide care and dedication to vulnerable children and it was very special to celebrate them and the work they do day in and day out.

Andi Harrison, Buckner director of foster care and adoption North Texas

“After two months of working, virtual learning, parenting, working some more, and supporting my team, I am physically and emotionally tired. But when strangers recognize the work that foster care staff are doing to keep the children safe and moving toward permanency, all that tiredness goes out the window and I am full again. Thank you!”

Kristen Gladney, Buckner Children and Family Services foster care and adoption recruiter

“I felt so loved and appreciated by this generous gift. Just to know people care and are thinking about the foster care and adoption community during this time means the world to me. Thank you so much.” 

Kylee Cragget, Buckner Children and Family Services kinship care specialist

“Wow, so many nuggets! Throughout the last seven plus weeks of this pandemic, I’ve been challenged to find new, innovative ways to serve Buckner clients who are a part of our foster care kinship program in Dallas. I take seriously the responsibility of working in child welfare at a time when stress is high for many families in our community. I am grateful for the organizations such as FC Dallas, Toyota and Chick-Fil-A who chose to acknowledge the work of essential employees in this way. This (big!) delivery added such a bright spot to my week. Thank you!”   

Jessica Sanders, Buckner Children and Family Services foster care supervisor

“I’m so thankful to have received a nugget tray and yummy lemonade from Chick-fil-A. Community is so important in a time like this, and I’m thankful to be part of the Buckner community who works hard to care for vulnerable children and families. I’m also grateful to the community at large that supports organizations like Buckner so we can continue to do this important work. Thank you for caring for my family and I in this way.

Taylor Zreet, Buckner Children and Family Services foster care home developer

“It just feels so great to know your work is valued.  I really appreciate the effort that FC Dallas and Chick-fil-A made to reach out and do something so out of their way for us. We’ll be eating nuggets for days.” 



Anne Marie Holstead, Buckner Children and Family Services adoption specialist

“I am so thankful for all the organizations that work to recognize essential workers. Thank you Chick-fil-A and FC Dallas for taking the time to make sure we feel appreciated as social workers.” 



To all of those on the frontlines, we thank you and appreciate you. And thank you to FC Dallas, Toyota and Chick-fil-A for honoring our staff members who are dedicated to serving vulnerable children and families each day. 

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