Feeding the Hungry in Peru

For the poorest men, women and children around the world, life is one continual crisis—a daily struggle for survival. Many of these desperate people lack even the most basics of life, including food.

This is where Buckner, in partnership with friends who support our work, can make a lifesaving difference for individuals in places like Peru where God has called us to serve.

Our ministry to disaster victims will always be an important part of our work. Buckner also needs your contributions to be prepared year-round not only for disasters, but also to continue our international ministry among the people God has called us to serve.

Thousands fed

Donor support recently helped provide funds to send two food shipments to hurting people in Peru. These shipments, valued at $93,049, allowed us to feed 15,100 children, youth and adults in impoverished areas of the country and in orphanages.

Thank you for helping to nourish the bodies and souls of these grateful Peruvians!



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