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Finding rest in busy seasons

A devotion on seeking God's priorities

If you’re anything like me, November and December can easily become a season of frenzy. Between the holidays, cramming everything in at work before the end of the year and trying to knock out those last-minute goals you had for the year, you might just look up on Dec. 31 and feel burnt out. Exhausted. Spent. 
What if this year was different?
I’m not naïve to the fact there are still plenty of things to get done, but what if instead of frantically attempting to “get through it,” we took our time, did our best and prioritized the things that actually mattered?
“For we hear that some among you are leading an undisciplined life, doing no work at all, but acting like busybodies.” – 2 Thessalonians 3:11
When it comes to discipline in faith, sometimes that topic can get uncomfortable. Earlier in this chapter in 2 Thessalonians, we’re reminded to be wary of idleness both in our lives and in those around us. Paul even says, “Those unwilling to work shall not eat.”
What’s the balance between avoiding idleness, being disciplined in your life through obedience - all while trying to figure out the right amount of busyness? Another word for idleness is laziness … or even to be sloth-like. Between our packed schedules and overcommitments, I don’t think many of us struggle with being too lazy. 
The danger is slipping into undisciplined busyness – that reckless running-around-like-your-head-is-cut-off speed where you’re overwhelmed, short-tempered and can only see up to your next appointment or task on your list. But when you incorporate intentional rest, God gives you the strength and focus for the priorities he has placed in your life.
I want to challenge you this season (and I’m accepting this challenge right along with you) to find pockets of space in your schedule to rest with God. Listen for his guidance on how to lighten your burden going into the holidays. And most of all, find ways to see his goodness and presence in those busy days.

Written by Emily Ahrens, director of digital communications for Buckner International. 

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