Lufkin church builds house for Buckner family in Rio Grande Valley


Members of First Baptist Church in Lufkin, Texas, are changing the lives of a family living almost 500 miles away with the gift of a brand new house.

The church is currently building the house in their church parking lot, but project members plan to take it apart to be hauled down to the Rio Grande Valley on a truck, where it will finally be reassembled and finished out.

"We're building it in fashion where we can take it apart, put it on a flatbed truck, and ship it down to the valley," Sanders said. "Then we will reassemble all the parts that we built here."

A team from First Baptist will make the trip with the home.

"Then when we're done in about 10 days, we will give the keys to the family and come back home," said Sanders.

Watch KTRE's news coverage below, or read their story here. | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas



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