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Five ways to pray for senior adults

From the beginning, seniors have been the soul of Buckner International's ministry. Soon after children moved into Buckner Orphans Home, retired pastors and missionary families came to a row of homes provided for seniors on the outskirts of of the historic Dallas campus.

There, they found a caring community where they could thrive, living out a distinctive lifestyle dedicated to faith and service. 

It's the people at Buckner – and their passion – that sets Buckner apart as a caring and invigorating place to live. 

Saturday is National Senior Citizens Day, and we've got five ways you can pray for the senior adults in your life.


Pray that senior adults are surrounded by people who love and encourage them. Whether from friends in the same life stage or everyday relationships like the grocer and banker, simple conversations often make all the difference in a senior’s quality of life.


Pray that seniors have a clearly defined sense of purpose. Senior adults need to know they still add value. For some, this purpose comes from volunteering. For others, it comes from family and friends. Pray that seniors find what they love and have the opportunity to pursue it.


Pray that seniors have the peace they need to handle change. Change is a regular part of life for senior adults, be it in personal physical health, a loved one’s health or in friendships. Pray they find comfort in friends and family, but also find peace and strength in the Lord.


Pray that seniors and their families have the necessary wisdom to make long-term care decisions should the need arise. It can often be difficult to have conversations planning for potential future needs, but having a plan in advance makes any future transition easier.  


Pray that senior adults have a positive outlook on life. A sense of positivity can have a dramatic impact on all areas of wellness—physical, mental, social, emotional and even spiritual. Pray that they see the good things in life, and that this positivity motivates them to maximize every moment.

See how Buckner Retirement Services is inspiring happiness for senior adults across Texas. 


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